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As a result of your webinar, you will use our toolbox talks as a reference page to complement your learning about the destination. 

Most of the documents are up-to-date; however, since the world changes so fast, we might have omitted some details, or some places might be closed.

Please let us know if there are some changes to bring, new information or you wish to have another feature.

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Looking for map of the Province of Québec? You can order them at: Map of the Province of Québec
2012 (last one) Lighthouse Map

Bus Parking

Looking to park your bus in Montreal? Bus Parking in Montréal
Looking to park your bus in Québec City? (French only) Bus Parking in Québec City

Sample Itineraries

Please note, some information in these itineraries might have changed or closed. Therefore, you need to check all the information, before publishing your itinerary.


Profiles of companies we represented at:

2021-Rendez-vous Canada
2020-CTM & RTO Los Angeles