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The Province of Québec!

This toolbox includes many documents which were prepared by Viel Marketing Int’l, Inc. to complement your webinar training series on the Province of Québec. We have been trying to be as much as possible up to date in the information, however, since the world changes so fast, we might have omitted some details, or some places might be closed. Please let us know if there are some changes to bring, new information or you wish to have another feature.

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Documents Available

Networks; activities, summer camps, adventure, accommodation and more.
Taxes in the province of Québec.
Regions or ATR; images, itineraries, tourist guides and more.
Tourist Routes; sample itineraries, interactive maps.
Facts about the Province of Québec!
Major Stores
The Story of the Poutine & Smoked Meat
Maple Syrup & Recipes!
Out Of The Ordinary Accommodation
Religious Gastronomy
Chain Restaurants
Technical (Professional, Industrial) Visits in Quebec

Map Of The Province Of Québec

Looking for map of the Province of Québec? You can order them at: Map of the Province of Québec

Bus Parking

Looking to park your bus in Montreal? Bus Parking in Montréal
Looking to park your bus in Québec City? (French only) Bus Parking in Québec City

Sample Itineraries

Please note, some information in these itineraries might have changed or closed. Therefore, you need to check all the information, before publishing your itinerary.

Quebec, Land of Spirituality by Voyages Inter-Missions
Catholic School Program: Canada Discovery by Voyages Inter-Missions
Sample Itineraries with the River Shrines
Centre-du-Québec / Chaudière-Appalaches – 4 days
The Gaspésie Tour – 9 days
Îles-de-la-Madeleine Itineraries
Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean – 4 days
The Laurentians – 4 days
The Lighthouse Trail – 12 days
Gaspésie – 7 days
Lanaudière & Mauricie Itineraries
Montréal – Cruises
Montréal – Culture
Montréal – Ecotourism
Montréal – Family
Montréal – LGBT
Montréal – Romantic
Spiritual Gastronomy in Québec
Le Sentier Notre-Dame-Kapatakan (French only – français seulement)


Profiles of companies we represented at:

2020-Bienvenue Québec Headlines
2020-CTM & RTO Los Angeles


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Excursions from Québec City – December 15, 2020
Question 1: What is the name of the island where students go to school by plane? Isle-aux-Grues
Question 2: What is the name of the wood carving capital in the Province of Québec? Saint-Jean-Port-Joli
Question 3: Where is located “La Maison du Bootlegger”? Charlevoix Region
2020-12-15-Excursions from Québec City.PDF
2020-12-15-Excursions from Québec City.Recording

Excursions from Montréal – December 10, 2020
Question 1: What is the name of the national road north of the St. Lawrence River? QC-138
Question 2: Which regions are not part of Excursions from Montreal? Saguenay, Bas-St. Laurent, Gaspésie
Question 3: In which region do we find the most popular tomcod fishing during winter? Mauricie
2020-12-10-Excursions from Montréal.PDF
2020-12-10-Excursions from Montréal.Recording

Discover Malta – November 24, 2020
Question 1: How many main islands does Malta have? 3
Question 2: What is the most luxurious hotel in Malta? Iniala
Question 3: Where can you find the most boutique hotels in Malta? Valletta
Question 4: What was the main role of the Knights of St. John? Hospitallers
For a copy of the presentation, please contact Damon Camilleri Allan

Discover Eastern Europe – November 12, 2020
Question 1: Where was Maria Theresia Habsburg coronated? Bratislava
Question 2: Which one of the following cities is part of “Slovak golden triangle”? Banska Stiavnica
Question 3: Which of the following monuments may be a place for a choir concert in Hungary? Pannonhalma Archabbey
For a copy of the presentation, please contact Marcela Laukova
2020-11-12-Eastern Europe.Recording

Discover Costa Rica with Travel Excellence – November 5, 2020
Question 1: How many active volcanos are in Costa Rica? 5
Question 2: Which one is the correct Airport Code for the Daniel Oduber International Airport located in Guanacaste? LIR
Question 3: Which region of Costa Rica is considered the most virgin one? South Pacific
For a copy of the presentation, please contact Judith Ulate
2020-11-05-Costa Rica.Recording

Montreal, the largest city in the Province of Québec – October 29, 2020
Question 1: Who were the founder of Montreal? Maisonneuve & Jeanne Mance
Question 2: In which year Montreal welcomed the Summer Olympics? 1976
Question 3: What attraction is not part of History? La Ronde

The Canadian Museum of Nature & the National Gallery of Canada – October 22, 2020
Question 1: Which important bills were passed at the Canadian Museum of Nature? Bills Women’s Right to Vote
Question 2: What exhibition will take place from May to September 2021 at the National Art Gallery? Rembrandt in Amsterdam
Question 3: What year the National Gallery of Canada was founded? 1880
For a copy of the Canadian Museum of Nature presentation, please contact Lorna Sierolawski
For a copy of the National Gallery of Canada presentation, please contact Hélène Donaldson
2020-10-22-Canadian Museum of Nature & The National Gallery of Canada.Recording

Student Travel with Temple & Temple – October 21, 2020
Question 1: In what year, Temple & Temple started? 1988
Question 2: Which company does offer year-round, in-city activities for international inbound clientele? TNT
Question 3: What are the three elements for a successful tour? Safety, Education, Fun
For a copy of the presentation, please contact John Temple

Québec City, Capital of the Province of Québec – October 15, 2020
Question 1: What year was Québec City founded? 1608
Question 2: What is the island known as the ‘garden’ of Québec City? Orléans Island
Question 3: What is the name of the famous store in Québec City?  Simons’
2020-10-15-Quebec City.PDF
2020-10-15-Quebec City.Recording

Italy with Target Travel – October 6, 2020
Question 1: Which was the first capital of Italy? Turin
Question 2: In which part of Italy Friuli Venezia Giulia region is located? North
Question 3: After which terrible event Scattered hotels were born in Italy? Earthquake
For a copy of the presentation, please contact Raynald Paquet on behalf of Enrica Cazzin
2020-10-06_Italy.Recording (Sorry last 30 minutes only)

Sherbrooke, the heart of Quebec’s Eastern Townships – October 1st, 2020
Question 1: Which city is the 2nd busiest land entry point from the US? Stanstead
Question 2: How does Sherbrooke rand for the most popular destination for Americans and Ontarians? Fourth
Question 3: What are the names of the two universities in Sherbrooke? Sherbrooke & Bishop’s
For a copy of the presentation, please contact William Hogg

How to work with the province of Québec – September 23, 2020
Question 1: How many Tourist Regions in the Province of Québec? 21
Question 2: What is the English name for the provincial sales tax in Québec? QST
Question 3: What is the website for Tourisme Québec?
2020-09-23_How to work with the Province of Québec.PDF
Sorry no recording for this one. (Forgot to press “ON”)

Discover Québec – September 03, 2020
Question 1: What is the longest river in the Province of Québec? St. Lawrence River
Question 2: Who founded Montréal in 1642? Maisonneuve
Question 3: What is the moto of the province of Québec? Je Me Souviens
2020-09-03_Discover Québec.PDF
2020-09-03_Discover Québec.Recording

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