Tourism Development, Marketing & Consulting Firm

Viel Marketing International, Inc. (VMI) is a tourism development and consulting firm based in Canada specializing in tourism representation, planning, marketing, and consulting.

As a result, we provide purpose-built tourism consulting services to help your tourism enterprise succeed in the tourism industry.

Located in Toronto, Canada, our expertise and experience are pretty broad. With over 30 years of experience, we have worked in different markets such as American, European, Asian and South American.

Furthermore, we have worked with receptive operators, tour operators, tourism offices, associations, hotels and governments at various levels.

Consultant - Viel Marketing Int'l

Increase in Sales Results

We have well-established relationships with key players abroad as well as in the target market. As a result, we can help you achieve greater awareness, recognition and market share through sales, marketing, and public relations.

Working collaboratively with clients, we provide a complete range of tourism industry consulting services. Also, our proximity to Québec and our bilingual team can help increase your presence in this market.

On Top Of Developing & Marketing Ideas

Viel Marketing International’s sole objective is to meet the needs of the tourism industry to be represented in Canada or on the international markets, thereby increasing the flow of tourists by promoting your destination or business.

VMI has committed itself to the continuous pursuit of new opportunities in the market, focusing on quality and service, always protecting our clients’ image as if it was our own.

Members of the following tourism associations

Faith Travel Association (FTA)
Canadian Inbound Tourism Association (Asia Pacific) (CITAP)
Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC)
Ontario Motor Coach Association (OMCA)
National Tour Association (NTA)
American Bus Association (with Bienvenue Québec) (ABA)