Tourism Consulting Firm

Viel Marketing International, Inc. (VMI) is a consulting, sales, marketing, development and representative firm which can promote your destination or business to the travel and tourism segments. VMI is based in Toronto, Canada, but our expertise is not limited only to Canada. We have a broad experience in the American, European, Asian and South American markets.

Our expertise acquired over the last 30 years is very extensive. As a result, during this period, we have worked with: receptive operators, tour operators, tourism offices, associations, hotels and governments at various levels.

Consultant - Viel Marketing Int'l

Increase in Sales Results

We have well-established relationships with key players abroad as well as in the target market. We can help you to achieve greater awareness, recognition and market share through sales, marketing, and public relations. Also, our proximity to Québec and our bilingual team can help increase your presence in this market.

We offer customized services to promote your presence in the travel and tourism markets. Whether it is a long/short-term objective, ad hoc projects, we can help you. We offer access to expertise and contacts that have been established through years of professional relationships in all sectors of activity.

Don’t hesitate to visit our page WEBINARS and our TOOLBOX, you will find many new ideas for your next tour!

As a result, you can have all this and more, and without creating any staffing constraints at your office as well as getting direct and fast access to a new local market!