Tourism Services.

from sales to online training
and hosting webinars.

Our Services.

We offer several services to help you promote and develop your tourism business.


contractual or à la carte representation during different promotion events.

online training

tourism training in the comfort of your office.


a webinar hosting service and a series of free or not free webinars on several destinations.

Professional and Reliable.

well-known in the industry

cost-sharing program

high quality of service

years of experience



A representation based on an annual contract covers the hourly time for one person to respond to all business requests in the tourism industry.  Also, this representation covers a canvassing of new clients to propose your services. The hourly time covers the presence at trade shows or fam tours during the year.  You will have an immediate presence on the market, and you will automatically begin B2B with people in the industry, thus increasing the number of visitors to your destination or business.

À la carte

YOU decide what you want us to do! The same principle as the complete representation but is limited to a particular project only or for a much shorter time.

during sales missions

VMI organizes some Sales Missions in Canada and the United States to meet with tour operators, RTO and travel agencies. These are the best way to meet clients face-to-face and judge the potential of your business. We take the appointments and make the routing. With no superficial cost, we limit ourselves to offering a friendly business environment to trade with some “extras.” You can use your representation contract so that we can promote your enterprise during these sales missions.

during trade shows

ABA, NTA, WTM, FTA, BIT, SYTA, FITUR…VMI offers you the opportunity to participate in several trade shows at lower costs by representing and promoting your business or destination during these events. No need to be a member! One price includes everything; you only have to provide your profile sheet.

cost-shared representation

VMI started its  « cost-shared program »; you share with other non-competitive partners the cost to send someone representing you. As a result, you can do more event possibilities at the same price as one! You can visit our “Member Section.”

online training.

We offer a variety of topics that are continually updated. We also provide a ZOOM platform for presentations.

  • Why and how to create a package;
  • The tourism network and its players;
  • How to prepare and read a sales report;
  • How to work with the province of Quebec;
  • How to prepare for a trade show; profiles, documents, etc.
  • How to write your profile sheet;
  • Sales leads;
  • And what you need…


for all of our services

advertising, brochure, communication, database management, event planning, familiarization tour, follow-up, mass mailing, media relations, powerpoint presentation, online training, road show, seminar and more.


A webinar is a promotional tool that allows you from your office to present your new product or service live to your clients or new ones. From their desktops, they connect to your presentations and listen to your sales presentation; they can ask you questions, and you can answer them online. In addition, the webinars can allow you to receive requests for reservations or others immediately after your webinar. 

hosting your webinars

We use the ZOOM platform and can help you organize your webinar or series.VMI can provide this service and host your webinar. You don’t have to worry about connection, long-distance charges, or technology. This service is available worldwide and can be conducted at different times of the day or evening to accommodate your clients’ time zone of choice.


We have several destinations and others using our services, please view our calendar.

Satisfied Customers.

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