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overall strategy: increase

the tourist clientele.


many services.

advertising, brochure, communication, database management, event planning, familiarization tour, follow-up, mass mailing, media relations, powerpoint presentation, online training, road show, seminar and more.


When a company wants to enter a new country or market to increase sales, opening its office isn’t always cost-effective. Cost can include office space, employment, benefits, legal, setting up an international company, etc. Instead, they will hire a representative to develop that market for them.  The representative has the job of marketing and selling the company brand’s products. Since the representative is based in that specific region, they are experts in the marketing landscape. They already have strong ties and relationships with the type of businesses they want to sell.


A representation based on an annual contract covers the hourly time for one person to respond to all business requests in the tourism industry.  Also, this representation covers a canvassing of new clients to propose your services. The hourly time covers the presence at trade shows or fam tours during the year.  You will have an immediate presence on the market, and you will automatically begin B2B with people in the industry, thus increasing the number of visitors to your destination or business.

A la Carte

YOU decide what you want us to do! The same principle as the complete representation but is limited to a particular project only or for a much shorter time.

Marketing & Sales.

Tourism promotion aims to create an interest in the destination or company and its product. One of the most effective ways to turn that interest into a lasting impression, thereby establishing a brand, is to develop an identity for the destination or company that helps it find a place in the market and stand out. 

Sales Mission

VMI organizes some Sales Missions in Canada and the United States to meet with tour operators, RTO and travel agencies. These are the best way to meet clients face-to-face and judge the potential of your business. We limit the number of participating people; they must provide a client list. We take the appointments and make the routing. With no superficial cost, we limit ourselves to offering a friendly business environment to trade with some “extras.” You can use your representation contract so that we can promote your enterprise during these sales missions.

Trade Shows

VMI offers you the opportunity to participate in several trade shows at lower costs by representing and promoting your business or destination during these events. No need to be a member! One price includes everything; you only have to provide your profile sheet.

Cost-Shared Representation

VMI started about five years ago; it’s a « cost-shared program »; you share with other non-competitive partners the cost to send someone representing you. Sharing with others reduces the cost of attending all these events. Therefore, you can do more event possibilities at the same price as one! You can visit our “Member Section.”

Our Clients.


A webinar is a promotional tool that allows you from your office to present your new product or service live to your clients or new ones. From their offices, they connect to your presentations and listen to your sales presentation; they can ask you questions, and you can answer them online. In addition, the webinars can allow you to receive requests for reservations or others immediately after your webinar. Please visit our page “Webinar” for more information and our calendar.

Online Mentoring.

A mentor shares their knowledge, skills, and experience to help another develop and grow. These days, attending a tourism trade show or presenting to a potential client can be very expensive. You must ensure your staff is up to the task and ready for anything! VMI offers you the opportunity to provide your team with online mentoring or coaching (Zoom platform) on various tourism-related topics, from PowerPoint presentations, how to prepare for a tourism trade show, how to prepare your presentation sheet and what to look for! Services are offered online, directly with your mentor. You can ask the questions you want, and your concerns about a new market from the comfort of your office = cost savings! Service is offered by the hour or by a block of hours. Please get in touch with us.


Would you like to be present at NTA, ABA, SYTA, Rendez-vous Canada, RTO and more? Do you have the budget?  VMI participates in many tradeshows each year. VMI prepares a newsletter for each event with the latest news and sends it to all tour operators before and after. We post it on our website, along with all other documents.  We send over 6,500 invitations yearly for our webinars, newsletters, and other business opportunities.  PUB+ allows you to put your logo + 100 words + your email + your website in all these documents for one year! Curious?  You can view our sample.

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