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  • You have clients in all parts of the world and wish to reach them?
  • You want to promote your destination or business without having to go door-to-door?
  • You want people talking about you?

A webinar is a promotional tool that allows you to present your new product or service directly online to your regular and new clients from your office. From their offices, they connect to your presentations and listen to you; they can ask questions, and you can answer them online.

Besides, the webinars allow you to receive requests for reservations or other services immediately after your webinar.

VMI can offer this service and host your webinar.  You do not have to worry about the connection, the long-distance charges or the technology.

This service is available worldwide and can be done at different times during the day or evening to suit the selected time zone of your clients.

new clients with a webinar.

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For all new clients.

We are pleased to offer ONE FREE WEBINAR, if you are interested to try it.  You must be a receptive operator on a destination.  Please contact us. 

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