Webinar Dates.

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webinar dates.

Viel Marketing International, Inc. is pleased to host your WEBINAR as a FREE SERVICE to introduce your company to the Canadian and American markets.


So what is in it for us? You receive a unique link whenever you register to present a webinar. You use this link to invite your clients to attend your webinar, and at the same time, we build our database. We are not looking at the number but quality only.   Also, note that they can unsubscribe at any time.


We also advertise with our mailing list and buy e-mail blasts from different associations.  We advertise your webinar on our page Webinar Calendar.


To do all this, we are using Zoom, and they are LIVE webinars with no video or recording presentation. Participants are mute during the presentation, and they can only write questions. A VMI Team Member attends your webinar to ensure everything runs smoothly and reads your participants’ questions. Also, we keep a recording of each presentation. (Recordings are not modified.)


Participants are tour operators, receptive agencies, travel agencies, tour leaders, meeting planners, associations, church groups, suppliers and others from Canada, the United States, Europe, and South America.  We offer them to anyone who wishes to register online.  You receive a complete list of participants and non-participants at the end of your presentation, and you can use this list to continue your promotion.

Under no circumstances can VMI guarantee the number of people attending your webinar.

Day & Time.

Webinars are usually available every second Wednesday at 13 h (Toronto time) to cover the West Coast; we can add some days (Tuesday or Thursday) as the year goes by. 


We confirm your date (for 10 days, if we don’t receive your material, we release the date), but before putting your webinar online, we need: (images in high resolution)

  • Your company logo
  • Three images of your destination
  • Speaker’s picture
  • Attractive title (each webinar must have a different subject with the same year.)
  • Small descriptive text of your presentation (max. 300 words or 1,900 characters)
  • Speaker’s bio (max. 200 words or 1,200 characters)
  • To transfer your images, you can use WeTransfer.com


Do you want to attract more people?

You can organize three multiple-answer questions for the quiz at the end of the presentation. It would be best if you highlighted the correct answer—three choices for the answer for each question.

Question 1: The museum is located at how many steps from the cruise terminal?

  1.  10
  2.  200 (correct answer)
  3.  1000

You must let us know if you wish to give a prize at the end of your webinar. You have to send us a prize description to be included in the invitation and event template. It takes 12 hours after your webinar to have the winner’s name. Then we communicate with you, and you are responsible for giving the prize to the winner.

calendar dates.

To view the available dates more easily. 

email us.

To be completed if you wish to reserve your dates. You should receive a confirmation email in your mailbox within the next 10 to 15 minutes.

To reserve the number of webinars and the dates or simply send us an email at webinar@vielmarketing.com