Your Own Webinar, Your Own Marketing!

When was the last time you spoke to your clients? Are they aware of your news? Don’t wait until the light switch is “ON” to start talking to them!

You have Québec, which has a potential of roughly .5 million tourists, and they can travel across Canada. Not far away, you also have the United States market with a market of 766,300 million tourists who, when the switch is “ON”, risk travelling closer! Now, no more “blah blah blah,” we must act!

Take the opportunity to reconnect with your customers or to make yourself known, while respecting the sanitary conditions in force.

We Offer

  • A hosting webinar services,
  • Creating invitation, reminders, confirmations and thank-you notes,
  • Managing registration, creating a report,
  • Recording your webinar, accessible to your clients,
  • Q&A and Polling/Voting available, 
  • An ‘800’ telephone line for you and your customers,
  • Our presence as host, to follow the progress of the webinar,
  • List of registered participants with their contact details,
  • Planning, creating the templates for sending e-mail blasts,
  • Listing on our webinar schedule page, in English, under Webinar Series
  • To be listed in the Viel Marketing International “Newsletter” distributes to all events, and targeted mailings,
  • And the sooner you book, the more you’ll be mentioned in some of the mass mailings we do, representing a potential of;
    • 15 000 names Canada; USA – travel agencies, tour operators, media, corporate (seasonally, ski clubs),
    • 34,900 names in English Canada – travel agencies, tour operators,
    • 89,000 names in the United States – travel agencies, tour operators, media, corporate,

Our Conditions

  • Webinars are in ENGLISH only. Please contact us if you want to do some in French for Québec,
  • Webinars are from TUESDAY to THURSDAY inclusively only and at 1:30 p.m.
  • No webinar will be listed before receiving:
    • Full payment
    • IN ENGLISH- MAX. 100 CHARACTERS / Webinar – The title of each of your webinars,
    • IN ENGLISH – MAX. 4,254 CHARACTERS / Webinar – A description of each of your webinars,
    • IN ENGLISH – MAX. 1,500 CHARACTERS / Webinar – Profile of the presenter (s).
    • PHOTO (S) – of each presenter with a smile!
  • VMI guarantees ONE (1) email blast per country for TWO (2) webinars or less, not suitable for Package A,
    • TWO e-mail blasts per country, for THREE (3) webinars or more, not suitable for Package A
    • And your participation in our general e-mail blasts,
  • Under no circumstances can VMI guarantee the number of people who will attend your webinar,
  • As soon as your webinar goes live:
    • You will receive a link to send to your clients and invite them to take part in your webinar,
    • THREE (3) weeks before the webinar, you will receive a preliminary list of registered participants,
    • Within the week of the webinar, you will receive the complete list of registered participants,
  • Your PowerPoint presentation is due ONE (1) week before the webinar,
  • VMI reserves the right to announce its webinars before and after your presentation,
  • VMI will use its common platform for all webinars produced by the company,
  • Further details will be given to you for your PowerPoint presentation.

Special Webinars - Viel Marketing Int'l


You cannot do webinars, but you would like to have your name in all webinar advertisements and announcements, we can offer you:

  1. Banner in English – CAN$500++
  2. Banner in English + Reward Prizegiving at the end of the Webinar Series to the person who has participated the most. Minimal value of the Reward prize CAN$500 and more. – CAN$0.00
  3. Take note that you can participate in webinars and participate in sponsorship too!
  • Banners: 740px (wide) x 60px (high), in .jpg without animation.


Packages are available for ONE (1) to FIVE (5) webinars.  For more, please contact us. 

Packages are:

  1. Package A – No destination – No e-mail blast
  2. Package B – Ontario OR Québec only
  3. Package C – English-speaking Canada
  4. Package D – United States
  5. Package E – English-speaking Canada and the United States 


  • The invoice will be sent to you upon confirmation of the date (s).
  • Payment by credit card or bank transfer.
  • In case of cancellation by you or us, the webinar will be postponed.