VMI offers you the opportunity to participate in several trade shows at lower costs by presenting and promoting your business or destination, at your first participation.

Benefits of trade shows are:

  • Lower cost per sale
  • Advertising the destinations or products
  • Time saving
  • Easy access and contacts with many buyers
  • Best way to launch and test new services
  • Best way to keep clients up-to-date with your new services
  • Best overall knowledge of the market

Cost-Shared Program:

  • Share the cost of attending a trade show with other suppliers,
  • Non-competitive,
  • Limited to 5 or 6 suppliers only per show.

If you are attending a trade show for the first time, you might not be aware of all the logistics and loose time trying to understand them, instead of meeting with clients. VMI offers you the possibility to attend one or many trade shows at a minimal cost, and make a noticeable presence on your first attendance! We also offer the service to match you with other companies to share the costs.

Advantages of using VMI are:

  • Already known on many trade shows
  • Known by many clients in the industry
  • Same person for three years
  • Available for trade shows in French, English or Spanish
  • Sharing the cost for one person: registration, transportation, meals, incentive
  • Template for a profile sheet
  • Cost of becoming a member of the association if necessary, which remains the property of VMI
  • Receiving leads within 48 hours
  • Receiving an Excel form with all contacts, comments and profiles (French or English only)
  • Receiving a general report on the trade show (French or English only)

If you have always thought that trade shows are expensive, you are right. However, VMI offers you the opportunity to be on the market at a much lower cost than if you were on your own.