Terms & Conditions


This platform will allow you to show which trade shows you intend to be represented and this is not a confirmation. You need to click under your column for the trade shows you wish to be represented.

  • You must register by filling out the form that will be used to send you the invoice if you confirm the trade show.
  • Your acronym will be created with your column – we may change it to a maximum of three letters only.
  • A column with a checked box means that the company intends to participate at the trade show.
  • Every time we add a new trade show, you will receive an email.
  • Every time you change something on the site, we will receive an email.
  • You will see that the services of Webinars, Chinese Dinner require another registration form, which is in the description or that you will receive upon your confirmation.
  • If you are more than 6 (six) months inactive on this page, your name will be removed, and you will need to register again to use this service.

If you have other trade shows that you would like us to attend, please let us know, and we will be pleased to put it on our list.

We have made a selection of trade shows that we believe worth attending. However, we have experience in all markets. Please note that VMI registers for the trade shows as soon as possible so that we can have:

  • Priority in the choice of pre-established appointments,
  • Save on the price for first comers, if available.

When it’s time to check-in for the trade show, you will receive an email from us to confirm – if you are still taking part in the trade show.

  • The price will then be adjusted to meet the exchange rate or changes, and we will email it to you.
  • You can then cancel your participation without paying the cancellation fee.

If you confirm, you will receive an invoice that represents 50% of the price of the show and is payable upon receipt of the invoice.

  • The invoice for the deposit is always based on three (3) participants if the number of participants is three (3) and more.
  • If the number is less than three (3), the invoice will be based on the number of confirmed participants; one (1) or two (2) participants.
  • You can pay the invoice by credit card, cheque or bank transfer.
  • When the invoice is issued, you will no longer be able to remove your checked box; You will have to contact us. (automatically, it will become lighter.)

Afterward, you must send us a 150-word text in English in MS Word format that will be added to the sellers’ directory at the trade show.  The sooner you book, the more visibility you will have in the sellers’ directory for the trade show. You must provide us with your profile in PDF format.

During the trade show, if we receive urgent “leads,” we will send them to you as soon as possible. They will also be mentioned in the final report.

After the trade show, we will send you the final invoice. The invoice will be adjusted to meet the exchange rate, the number of participants represented and changes.

Upon receiving your final payment, we will send you all our reports on the trade show.

This document is confidential and should not be shared with others outside your company.

Free services for our customers!

VMI publishes a Newsletter every time it has new customers or announcements to make. This Newsletter is distributed to all trade shows that VMI participates, whether you participate or not.  To be part of the Newsletter, you need to send us a 1,000-word text in English only with your website. The same text that serves for the sellers’ directory at a trade show. You must also send us your high-resolution logo, which will be put on our web page with a link to your website or profile.

See VMI’s Customers page


  • Only one page 8.5 inches x 11 inches.
  • Three-hole perforated sheet. Left margin at 1 inch to allow three holes.
  • Must include: name, phone and e-mail (no e-mail with info) contact person for tour operators, logo, website, address, taxes included or not, public rates, season, schedule, courtesy, free, etc.
  • Should include: general information, location map, photos, details for groups or individuals, packages, etc.


We are aware that prices are essential, but you have to take into account all the logistics in preparing a trade show, or at least what VMI does for you!

  • One day to send all selected buyers an email to announce the products and services we will represent and answer questions,
  • 1, 2, 3 or more days of appointments during the trade show,
  • Two days of follow-up, writing the report and entering business cards into a database.

Prices are approximate only, using the average exchange rate for the current year. They can still vary upwards or downwards when booking as we do not have all the details of logistics on site. Some prices are based on the completion of the trade show during the previous year.

Prices do include: accommodation, transportation, listing on the Newsletter, meals, activities, insurance, baggage charges at the airport, membership of the Association, if necessary, incidental.
Prices don’t include: Photocopies of your profile, taxes (HST-13%).

Trade Shows with no price: Trade shows that do not display any price (whether biennial or other) will be offered only if the number of participants justifies it. If you are interested, please indicate your interest, and we will contact you.

Don’t just look at the price, but also think about the costs you would have to pay to send someone from your office; salary, tax charges, holidays, etc., plus salon expenses and perhaps less experience!


  • A general report of the trade show,
  • A business card report with contacts encountered, company description, address, and specific requests, in MS Excel,
  • Copies of some business cards.
  • Documents, brochures that are relevant to your follow up.


  • Participants must accept the fact of being represented with other participants, non-competitive. They need to understand that the cancellation of their participation at the last minute will affect the other participants.
  • VMI does not negotiate any prices, as does no promises to the customers we meet. VMI speaks only of public and approximate costs.
  • You are always responsible for tracking, negotiating prices and inviting them to a fam tour.
  • Prices for other trade shows will be given if we have more than two (2) participants interested to register.
  • If you have other trade shows (trade only) that you would like to participate in and that are not mentioned in the list, please contact us. We could thus open it up to all of our participants.
  • Profile of your company only. No brochure. You can send them later in your follow-up.
  • We will use your PDF to print your profile in Toronto, and we charge you the cost – about .39$ per page – colour, 20-pound paper. The whole thing will appear on your final bill, with invoices to support it.


Cancellation fees will be subject to the refund policy governed by the event organizer and the goodwill of the other participants.

  • Events on demand – No refund after final confirmation.
  • No refunds within 31 days of the trade show.
  • 25% refund from 31 days to 60 days of the trade show.
  • 50% refund from 61 days to 90 days of the trade show.
  • 100% refund from 91 days to 120 days of the trade show – minus $150 administration fee.